Plantman Meditation

A Psychedelic Journey

Dinner with Mother

Music rings in my ears

Prophesizing tragic events to come,

I shall embrace them

As tales for the circles of fire;

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San Pedro Trip Report

The Grandfather Plant Teacher

San Pedro is regarded as the gentle grandfather of psychedelic plants, and gentle it is. At no point did I sense the smack in the face trip I usually received from mushrooms, but rather felt grounded by the surrounding nature scenes. Nevertheless, the plant can be quite nauseating.

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Unwind from lavish dresses
Weep alone behind the curtain
Upholding poses
Flexing muscles
The audience penetrates stiff stares
They, the chosen ones
Of my game
However I stumble
Tangled strings web my fingers
Tie my wrists
Producing panic
Reeling in laughter
From a quicksand of people.
The golden crown illustrates a hazard dream
It is fantasy
And the powerful God within speaks
The bleak section of my soul
Curses all to high heaven
And I am left with a faint smile
Having discovered what was real.

Return to stage
Regularly scheduled programming
The audience’s hollowed eyes lock
Though something has changed
Their visible strings appear
Trails of blood everywhere
Thoughts vanish and all is clear
The strings are all the same.

My 10 day Vispassana Meditation Experience

I’ll try to sum up my 10 day vipassana meditation experience in a sentence: It is like a very slow and LONG psychedelic trip that I was able to digest and one I could have walked away from at any time, which I thought about frequently.

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The Fallen Pieces of my Body

The roots stem through many trunks
If one tree falls the others will too
Follow the trail of painful years
The journey is bound to mate.

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Trigger Words

God, Emotions, and Ego

Sometimes people will make statements that stir up a negative feeling in us. It isn’t that the statement in itself is negative, in fact, it could be meaningful, but a certain word can cause us to disregard the statement.

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Post-Trip Rambles

Lost in my Thoughts

There never seemed to be a time in human history when a group of crazies didn’t claim the world was coming to an end, and usually it was God or the devil bringing about this apocalypse.

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Poem for Realisation

Turn around, turn around
You are looking from your home
But mistake the view for what you are

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10 Ways To Integrate A Psychedelic Experience

If you’re doing enough research on psychedelics you’ve probably come across the term integration.

Integrating the psychedelic experience can mean various things. It can be maintaining a connection to higher states of consciousness, practicing spirituality, self-reflection, fixing personal relationships, removing unhealthy attachments, finding balance, or handling stress better. Without integration, all your insights will be nothing more than a memory.

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Maya is my mistress
Magician robed by its own illusions
Just like me

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